Enhance your institutional distribution

Win More Searches and Earn Inclusion on More Recommended Lists

As an investment manager, you know that your industry is viciously competitive and you are constantly seeking ways to highlight your competitive advantage. The institutional marketplace offers enormous potential to grow assets under management, but what is the best way to gain the attention of asset owners and/or the consultants who advise them?

With two decades of experience with an institutional consulting firm conducting research on hundreds of different managers across the entire investment landscape and working directly with institutional clients, Oyster Capital is uniquely qualified to provide candid, independent feedback on your investment product offerings and suggestions that may help provide greater penetration into the institutional marketplace.

On a project basis, Oyster Capital provides the following regarding your investment product offerings:

  • Detailed analysis of key quantitative metrics including risk exposures, portfolio positioning and performance
  • Detailed analysis of key qualitative metrics including investment culture and competitive differentiation 
  • SWOT analysis of products and the organization as a whole
  • General suggestions on strategic initiatives that can help you gain greater access to the institutional marketplace
  • Support with messaging in order to highlight key, hot-button positives and minimize potential challenges


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