Enhance Return, Manage Risk


Spending Consistency and Intergenerational Equity

You care deeply about the organization you serve and you want to ensure that the good work it will do many years in future provides just as much impact as it does today. You also seek consistency in ongoing spending/distribution to help manage the execution of the mission.

Return Enhancements

In what stands to be a period of lower-than-average performance for traditional stocks and bonds in coming years, a total return that exceeds spending net of inflation may prove more difficult to achieve. Oyster Capital provides overlay strategies customized to your specific risk/reward profile that may help make up the shortfall.  

Active Risk Management

Portfolio diversification can serve as a sound risk-reduction tool but can encounter unique problems that limit protection during periods of extreme market stress. Oyster Capital provides custom risk hedging solutions that can limit losses to a finite amount in virtually any market environment.

Independent Analysis of Your Advisor

Issuing an RFP can identify where your consultant/advisor stands relative to others in the industry but doing so requires a substantial time commitment from staff and the board. With two decades of experience serving institutional investors, Oyster Capital provides you with the independent analysis of your advisor/consultant to ensure that you are receiving the best possible service.