Outsourced Investment Expertise


Value proposition

Imagine adding a highly experienced, senior-level investment expert to your team without the high cost. You could scale your business more quickly, your investment offerings would differentiate you from the competition and you would have more time to better serve your clients.

Oyster Capital is your one-stop source for outsourced investment expertise. By providing virtually any aspect of investment strategy, research, advice, access to alternative solutions, communication and content creation, we help you add additional value to your clients' experience. 

For the cost of an entry-level employee, Oyster Capital enhances your firm's investment acumen helping you maximize your time and providing you a greater opportunity to scale your business.

Investment solutions to fit your needs

Oyster Capital provides you with virtually any aspect of investment-related expertise that can benefit your organization. Some examples include:

  • Customized educational content for your branded communication documents
  • Market commentary to support client performance-explanation conversations
  • Analysis of your current and prospective investment solutions as well as suggestions of new ideas
  • Turn-key alternative investment solutions and implementation guidance
  • Investment policy statement creation and/or refinement
  • Asset allocation targets and model portfolios for various levels of risk tolerance
  • Risk management analysis and derivatives-based risk-hedging solutions
  • Attendance and/or presentations at client meetings and events as needed

A member of your team

Oyster Capital works with you on a contract basis through a customized engagement. The amount of time per month is based explicitly upon your needs:

  • Basic:                10 hours/month
  • Intermediate:     15 hours/month
  • Premier:            25 hours/month

We can work in the foreground or background. We understand that some advisors choose to be seen as the primary (if not only) point of contact with their clients. Let us be your secret weapon! Other advisors project a team approach that includes experts on staff who can join them at client meetings or present at client appreciation events. How we help you is completely up to you. 

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