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Oyster Capital is a multifaceted investment advisory organization dedicated to providing personalized service, expertise and customized solutions for planners, advisors, managers and asset owners to assist in the achievement of all types of investment goals.

How Oyster Capital Can Help you

For Advisors


The investment world is more complicated today than it has ever been. You have access to investment data and information, but time spent slogging through it is time not spent communicating with your clients. For the cost of an entry-level employee, Oyster Capital provides you with senior-level investment expertise allowing you to spend more time cultivating client relationships and differentiating your service from the competition. 

For Managers


Gaining the attention of institutional investors, and the consultants who advise them, can be a daunting task. With two decades of institutional investment manager research and institutional client service experience, Oyster Capital exhibits a unique perspective that can help you gain access to consultants' recommended lists and grow your institutional assets under management.

For Asset Owners


Stock market performance in the future may fail to match that of the recent past or even long-term averages. In such an environment, investment fiduciaries will need to ensure the maximum possible output of all asset categories is being achieved. Oyster Capital can help enhance portfolio return, as well as reduce risk, with customized overlay solutions designed explicitly for your risk/return needs.

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